Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions motioned here shall be applied to this website and any other linked pages  . While registering yourself in the beginning, All the users are previously informed to read and agree with  the terms and conditions carefully so as to avoid any further issues and hassles in the process.

The users will have to be completely in agreement with the Transfer Fee as mentioned by us at the time of Sending the Payments through our Operating Methods.

With respect to your account details such as username and passwords, we can only provide our best to safeguard your account however you are strictly prohibited to disclose your personal details to any third party otherwise our company will not be held responsible.

Moreover, Nexaglobalpay.com demands a license from our customers to ensure a proper age limit of the individual.

Thus we always ensure a ‘Proper Verification of the individual ‘beforehand so as to avoid scams and unverified members.

Moreover , we reserve he right to modify any feature or change for an effective and evolving management

If you have any further queries, Feel free to contact us. Thank You

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