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Many companies search for a purpose. We were born with one: to change the world for the better. It’s there in our products, which started a revolution in financial markets that reverberates to this day. It’s felt by our people, who we invest in through every stage of their careers. And it’s proven by our philanthropy, which transforms lives around the world.

Because we believe profit and principles are not mutually exclusive. They reinforce one another. And doing the right thing – by our people, our customers, our communities and our planet – is also the best thing for our business.

We are the central nervous system of global finance. Born in 2018, Nexa Global Pay is a forward-looking company focused on making payment solutions Faster and Simpler that are needed for the 21st century. As a global finance and payment solution company, we connect decision makers to a dynamic network of data, people and ideas - accurately delivering business and financial information, news and insights to customers around the world.

14,000 employees in 129 locations around the world - Nexa Global Pay Careers

900+ Billion Daily Withdrawal - Service at Nexa Global Pay

Service in more than 120 countries- Nexa Global Pay Bran

78+ Million users globally and counting - Nexa Global Pay Professional service

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While scrapping off the Bank Networks which can be really unreliable and unsecure, we at ‘ promise you to provide a powerful service which makes your payment transaction and withdrawal transparent and secure.

Moreover, We wipe off all the ‘Time related Issues’ and ‘Delays’ with our Top and Highly speedy services making you more reliable and secure.

Our company takes full pride and responsibility to ‘track’ your payment from your destination till the withdrawal by your Beneficiary.

So, With our evolving technology and Innovative features,  and with our best exchange rates and real time tracking,

Your Every next payment  is just a few clicks away from now on!

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